Our Program Area

Water Management

WCHR Future Programe for Clean Drinking Water Especially in FATA

Health Care

WCHR has already arranged many workshops especially in rural areas and FATA/PATA to provide awareness and medical relief to people 


To give free legal advice to needy in different matters.

Drug & Norcotics

WCHR wants to launch awareness campaign against drug abuse in different Places 


Currently WCHR is running two Primary schools for orphans and other students

Against Terrorism

WCHR  campaign against Terrorism  in different Places especially in FATA

WCHR Short term programs

  • To organize workshops, seminars, walks and training courses to educate and sensitize the people about their basic rights.
  • To establish welfare center s for disadvantaged people.
  • To make women aware of their basic rights including Political & Family Rights, Haqmehar and Inheritance (werasat) Rights, Family Health, Reproductive Health, HealthEducation and Jobs Creation.
  • To work for communal harmony and minorities’ rights.
  • To create awareness amongst tribesmen and women to fight terrorism
  • To develop culture of self-help and promote lifestyles free of narcotics, arms and ammunition spread and show.
  • To develop atmosphere of Human Development and Education in Children and adolescents.
  • To promote an ideological culture to build up the Socio-Economical strengths in tribal territories.
  • To invest on Mother and Child Health, and to reduce the MMR and IMR and morbidities. Nutrition and growth monitoring of Pregnant Mothers and Children under five
  • To work on individual's personal hygiene, Food and clothings, House and Street Hygiene.
  • To promote these activities campaigns on Public Health and Primary Health Care Programme need to be launched.

Refugees and Displaced Persons’ Rehabilitation Programs Long term Planning

In order to help refugees and homeless people WCHR has established separate Refugees and Displaced Persons Wing to provide assistance and relief to refugees. WCHR is actively and successfully providing help to refugees in the following objects.

Shelter & Rehabilitation Efforts.
Legal support and services.

WCHR Performance and Achievements so Far Made


Currently WCHR is running two primary schools for orphans and other students of Tirah Area. Both these schools are having 470 and 525 students respectively. WCHR is providing text books, exercise books and stationary to all students free of cost and has a plan for upgrading one primary school upto middle standard accommodating about 1000 students. People of area have already donated the land measuring 10 kanals to WCHR for this purpose.


  • WCHR has already arranged many workshops especially in rural areas and FATA to provide awareness and medical relief to people in the following fields.
  • Protection of eyes from the diseases causing Blindness.
  • Preventive measures against Ischemic Heart
  • Disease (IHD) and Hypertension
  • Awareness on hazards of DRUG ABUSE and its Socio Economical & Families Breaking consequences.
  • Awareness about HIV/AIDS and highly Communicable Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Hepatitis B&C.

Dr. Ghayur Ahmed (Public Health Specialist) is WCHR volunteer Consultant providing full assistance in all fields of Public Health and Primary Health Care (PHC) progamme.


WCHR has given free legal advice to grieved
people in the following matters.
852 Families to resolve their family disputes.
741 Business men to help them in their business
More than 1000 Criminal Cases have been
provided with free legal advice and support.

Drugs and Narcotics

The WCHR has been providing Advocacy against
poppy cultivation in FATA area. Some substitute
decisions and actions for the people to get and cut
down poverty have been implemented in FATA, so
that poppy cultivation is discouraged. The WCHR
has been producing and disseminating literature
against use of drugs and narcotics trafficking.
WCHR is mobilizing, sensitizing and motivating
religious and community leaders to preach against
narcotics cultivation.

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