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Jahansi Fort Clean Drinking Water Project Pumping From Spera Dam Bara Khyber Agency


Jahansi Fort is situated near Speen Qabar in Bara Khyber Agency. It is area of Sepah Tribe, which consist of about ten thousand population. Jahansi Fort area consists of the following sub section: Abdul Khel,Bazar Khel ,Dari Wandi,Urmaz Khel.

Problem of Clean Drinking Water:

Clean Drinking water is the main problem of Jahansi Fort village peoples. There is no source of clean water and the people of the area are faced with water problems. Early in the morning the people of the area go in search of water all the day but they do not find water easily.They wonder here and there in search of water, all the day. They bring water from far away area i.e. about three or four kilometers. There is no easy source of water for bringing, from far away. Especially women bring water from far away area and sometime they bring water by using donkey which is very difficult for the concern people of the area.


Concern Area:

The area which is occupied by the people of Jahancy Fort is about ten kilometer and consists of 350 houses.

Establishment OF Water Tanks in the Specific Area:

 In the initial stage there should be four water tanks for clean drinking water in the Jahancy Fort according to the needs of the people. Water tanks should be established in the following proportion according to the population of the specific area.We need a construction plan and it would be best shown through a diagram showing the position of the dam in relation to the position of the villages and tanks. This will answer other questions aswell such as:

Cost of four water tanks= $.70588.23529

 We will be asked for a time frame for the scheme, giving completion targets for various stages and expected completion date for the whole scheme

Highlights of the Services Provided In FATA:

WCHR in coordination with Paradise Welfare Society North Waziristan aimed at promoting and stabilizing life skills, behavior change, health hygiene, education and awareness about HIV Aids and Hepatitis B, C among street children in form of community level trainings of adolescents and regular service through the children centers. The main objectives of this project to establish; the children Centers, enhance street children life skills, to capacitate them to cope with personal health and hygiene issue, to aware them about hazardous diseases and bring their interest to positively participation in cognitive, social and physical development of children in Drop in centre. 

WCHR with the coordination with PWS has done different education support activities for children in FATA.

  • Concepts of alphabets, and numbers(coloring, pasting and worksheet)
  • Fruit and vegetable concepts and primary colors.
  • Group activities.Simple Stories.
  • Fun activities face painting.
  • Making simple cartoons.
  • Poetry, recitation and singing.
  • Art work.Essay Writing.

Information Technology (IT) Center in Bara Khyber Agency


WCHR with the coordination of Roshni Development Organizaion (RDO) has established an IT Centre at Bara Khyber agency for the Computer orientation and psychosocial support program for the students of Bara Khyber Agency.


To equip the war affected students with modern skill and knowledge to become useful citizens and ambassadors of peace



  • To impart basic knowledge of computer to the students in Bara Khyber Agency.
  • To give them psycho-social support through different activities and highlighting the importance of peace.
  • Socio-Economic advancement of rural youth by strengthening their capacity for engagement in learning activities.
  • To engage the rural youth in advance learning and preventing them from indulging into the harmful activities.




Currently WCHR is running two primary schools for orphans and other students of Tirah Area. Both these schools are having 470 and 525 students respectively. WCHR is providing text books, exercise books and stationary to all students free of cost and has a plan for upgrading one primary school up to middle standard accommodating about 1000 students. People of area have already donated the land measuring 10 kanals to WCHR for this purpose.

medical camp


• WCHR has already arranged many workshops especially in rural areas and FATA to provide awareness and medical relief to people in the following fields. • Protection of eyes from the diseases causing Blindness. • Preventive measures against Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) and Hypertension • Awareness on hazards of DRUG ABUSE and its Socio Economical & Families Breaking consequences. • Awareness about HIV/AIDS and highly Communicable Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and Hepatitis B&C. • Dr.Ghayur Ahmed (Public Health Specialist) is WCHR volunteer Consultant providing full assistance in all fields of Public Health and Primary Health Care (PHC) progamme.



• WCHR has given free legal advice to grieved people in the following matters. •852 Families to resolve their family disputes. •741 Business men to help them in their business issues. •More than 1000 Criminal Cases have been provided with free legal advice and support



The WCHR has been providing Advocacy against poppy cultivation in FATA area. Some substitute decisions and actions for the people to get and cut down poverty have been implemented in FATA, so that poppy cultivation is discouraged. The WCHR has been producing and disseminating literature against use of drugs and narcotics trafficking. WCHR is mobilizing, sensitizing and motivating religious and community leaders to preach against narcotics cultivation


In order to help refugees and homeless people WCHR has established separate Refugees and Displaced Persons Wing to provide assistance and relief to refugees.

Shelter & Rehabilitation Efforts.

WCHR has already work in  many Areas especially in affected areas in natural disaster and Provided Solutions to Peoples.


Currently WCHR is running two primary schools for orphans and other students of Tirah Area. Both these schools are having 470 and 525 students


WCHR has already arranged many workshops especially in rural areas and FATA to provide awareness and medical relief to people 


To meet the post calamity emergency needs and demands of affected masses of earthquake hit zones of Oct 8, 2005, the WCHR on priority and immediate bases appealed its members and their relatives and friends both inland and abroad to raise funds within days for the relief services for affected people. A very proactive and fast action was initiated and efforts made to raise the funds. The top most and priority need was the food and safe drinking water supply, medicines, blankets and cloths to the homeless people on very urgent bases.By the Mid night same day a sum of Rupees 7 million was collected and on priority bases the 1st most important item for life, food and mineral water and medicines were arranged for the victims of Rawalakot, Mansehra, Balakot, Bagh, Muzzafarabad and near by village by next day, the 9th October 2005.

A team of 100 volunteers on Oct. 9th & 300 by 10th was organized with 12 doctors, 30 paramedics and support workers, this emergency relief was made available to people soon by 9th of Oct. 2005.

A rapid campaign through telephones and E-mails was launched and some 10 million were arranged with in next 72 hours for relief purpose. A teams of doctors, Para medical and social workers  reached the most seriously affected areas of KPK and AJ&K like Balakot, Batagram, Shangla, Shunkiari, Mansehra and small village around epi-point in Hazara Division of KPK.

Same time 4 teams each of 10 persons were immediately made to reach, Bagh, Rawalakot, Muzzafarabad, and upper areas in Leepa Valley, Gari Dopatta and Chakothi. As per records a worth of 10 million rupees fund, medicine clothing's and blankets were. Provided to the affected of these areas with in first week of the calamity. The WCHR is still under the process of organizing more and hopefully by Eid-ul-Fitar and on Eid day some more than 10 million foods and medicines and households and shelters will be distributed to both KPK& AJK earthquake affected points.

Map of the affected parts is attached and shown with star in circle where WCHR has given relief services on very urgent and top priority bases. .

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