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Address: Suite # 01, Block # 02, St #33, F-8/1, Islamabad Pakistan.

WCHR Terms and Conditions for Membership


     Members of WCHR will enjoy the following facilities:

  • WCHR will provide accommodation and guidance for the foreign members whenever they visit the country.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Assistance in the matters of education & health.
  • For Overseas Pakistanis, WCHR offers special support on resolving their disputes in the country and provides full legal assistance in this regard. It may be noted that for resolution of such a problem, special power of attorney may be given to WCHR.


  • Members of WCHR are expected to play their role in advancement of society and promotion of social services to the oppressed people of society.
  • Being social workers, member of WCHR are requested to share the problems in the field of health, education etc in their city/town, so that with the joint coordination, solutions may be promoted.
  • WCHR will fully support the talented students to continue their education and pursue their higher degrees not only in the top national universities, but also in foreign universities, approved by HEC.
  • WCHR will fully support the legal matters of overseas Pakistanis and will fight for them in the court. In addition, admissions of children of overseas Pakistanis in various schools and college will be assured.
  • If any member of WCHR faces any problem, anywhere he can inform WCHR in written form.
  • Progress report of each member of WCHR will be analyzed per annum, and on the basis of this progress, they will be promoted to the higher ranks.
  • Membership fees for the Pakistani members will be 2000/- Rupees.

             Membership fees in other countries are as under:

          UAE: 100 Durhams.            Europe: 50 Euros.           UK: 50 Pounds.

  • All members are requested to renew their membership each year. After the date of expiration the card will be useless.
  • Membership fees can be submitted through online account of WCHR or also directly to our senior members, given that the fees slip is taken from him.
  • All members and executive members of WCHR are requested to use the card legally. In case of illegal use of the card the person should be expelled from membership and legal action would be taken against him/her.
  • In case of missing or losing the membership card the person should inform the head office WCHR within 24 Hour
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